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Please Help Me Pay My Mortgage

Stay-At-Home-Mom started this conversation

Please Help Me Pay My Mortgage

I am a stay-at-home-mom of 3 beautiful boys.  I believe that staying at home and raising my children is the most important job in the world, unfortuneately, it does not pay any real cash. 

That is why I am turning to you for help!  Maybe 152,723 of you to be exact.  My mortgage balance is $152,723.79!  If everyone pledged $1.00 I could pay off my mortgage and give my boys the mom that they need and not some daycare provider. 

You could send your donation to my paypal account,  I will in turn, give daily updates as to the progress that is being made to pay off this debt. 

Thank you for your support, time and money in helping my cause.  I truly appreciate it and so do my boys.  God Bless!

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Ms D J C   in reply to daddy88
No I have not. I need help in paying my mortgage completely off, and extensive repairs.
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Please Help me I am 3 Months behind on my Mortgage. My Husband left me, I have my Sister kids along with my my Three kids. I have serious health problems. I really need your help.
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medguy26   in reply to Americans
Funny I've had this same idea for many years now. I've always said you could help a lot of people this way. People helping people.
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I need to pay my morgadeg my mom recently died I'm in dept on $8,000. To pay as soon as possible. Or else thier taking it away i have no-one else I work and make 2,000 a mounth please can you help me
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trena55   in reply to daddy88
No I can't say that I have.
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daddy88   in reply to trena55
There is an assistants program the government will pay your mortgage have you heard about it
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trena55   in reply to daddy88
Hi, could you please send me information on how to get help paying off my home. I have a fundraiser set up but no donations. I would be most grateful.
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daddy88   in reply to woman in a shoe
I get it. I was looking for something as for help also I got laid off due to oil prices I have two kids to take care of. I looking at help to lower payments or buy a couple months of help getting buy not asking others to pay off my house so I can live free I'm not trying to put anyone down I was just glad to see that person Someone speak the truth and kinda say it's pathetic I'm 26 and have been working since I was 15 I'm not use to not having a job trust me I'm trying I'm a firm believer in work for what you want that's all
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woman in a shoe   in reply to daddy88
The person u posted to not been on here for a few years now. But yes this site is to help people if u know where they can get help. I have help so many people on here. Wish i still could help them but for now i will give them information where they can get help are just talk to somthat wants someone to talk to.
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daddy88   in reply to Wish I was a kid still
Thank you I was reading these requests and couldn't believe these people then yours came along thanks for having a brain and not being a selfish greedy person
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Dell Brown
I need help to pay off my house. I own 19,000 dollars to be finish with it. I really need your help. I work now a part time job, and my spouse is on disability. I don't know what to do I need someone help. if I could get some wonderful people to send me 2.00 dollars I will then make it
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disabled crip   in reply to Americans
i am going on 61 my ssd check is only 794 a month we are living in my sons home he is facing forclosure the bills in this home covers almost all my check we are struggling just to stay afloati wish we could get help to pay this mortgage off
my son ows about $55,000 please are there any people that can help us out? thank you, god bless all of you!
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tipcar   in reply to Americans
I have thought about doing a non-profit just like that before. I would be interested in knowing if you have started this. I think it would be a great way to help others and myself for the fact to pay off their mortgage. I always thought there was a way to do this and help people get out of struggling with a mortgage payment. I would be interested in knowing how far along you are with this or if you gave up hope.
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To all of you hateful people out there, I was always told if you want something just ask for it, and that is what she is doing. Your story is not her story so get a life...PLEASE
woman in a shoe   in reply to strugglingsurvivor
Hi the one u posted to hasn't been on here sent 2009. For help with rent light gas and more. Call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call God Bless
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Did anyone help you? I am a survivor of domestic violence and 61 years old and fight and struggle to pay my mortgage. I would not dare to ask to not work, as I do work and expect to in order to help myself. I wish there were answers for thsoe of us who really try to make it and work lots of jobs and whatever it takes.
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Biggirl 15   in reply to Americans
Iam looking for some one to help pay my house payment
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to FamilyofThree
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
451 7th Street S.W., Washington, DC 20410
Telephone: (202) 708-1112 TTY: (202) 708-1455

Foreclosure Avoidance Counseling
(888) 995-HOPE (4673) - FREE foreclosure prevention counseling on the phone

temporary mortgage assistance for unemployed or underemployed homeowners

HUD-approved housing counseling agencies - local agencies that provide FREE foreclosure avoidance counseling
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to Americans
Thats an interesting idea. I always tell people to go on the Bi-monthly plan which can cut their mortgage up to ten years less. You should look into that if your really going to go through with this organization.. Good Luck
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Hello all, I feel this woman and understand what she is saying. Although, I do not believe in straight out asking for money I do understand. I am starting a non-profit organization called Americans Helping Each Other....The idea for this is to have Americans who have mortgages help other Americans pay off their mortgages. The ones that helped will also be on the list to get their mortgage paid off. And those people can reach out to their own community and local companies to make additional donations also. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this non-profit organization please let me know by emailing: Thank you.
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